Baby Bullet *New*

Baby Bullet *New*

Limited Stock Available


The Baby Bullet System has been specifically designed to make healthy, nutritious baby food in just seconds. Blend freshly steamed vegetables, soft fruits and even make grain cereals with this compact mini blender. You can create and store a week’s worth of baby food in less than five minutes, making it the most convenient baby food making option in terms of quality, efficiency and affordability.

  • Baby food blending and storing system
  • Helps you to make baby food without any added sugars, fillers, or preservatives
  • Create and store a week’s worth of baby food in less than five minutes
  • Use the batch bowl to make bigger batches of perfectly blended purée for your baby – simply add your ingredients into the bowl, pop on the blending blade, push down and twist on to the power base and blend until smooth
  • You can add warm ingredients to the batch bowl as there is a vent in the lid to release steam
  • The short cups are ideal for making smaller batches of food and for turning family dinner into baby’s dinner in seconds – just add your ingredients into the short cup and twist on the blend blade, place the cup onto the power base, push and twist
  • As your baby grows into more textured foods, use the blending blade to easily push and pulse to achieve the perfect consistency to suit the stage they are in
  • The milling blade turns whole grains, rice and oats into the freshest cereals – add rice or grains into the short cup, twist on the milling blade, push and twist on to power base, and grind until you’ve achieved a fine powder
  • The date dial storage cups allow you to keep track of when you made the cup’s contents. Simply fill the cup with baby food, twist the date dial below the lid to the preparation date and store in the refrigerator or freezer
  • All cups and containers are made of non-toxic high impact plastic that doesn’t shatter when dropped, and are BPA and phthalate free

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