Click and Go Bottle Warmer *New*

Click and Go Bottle Warmer *New*

R100.00 Each

Discount applies to Bulk order

New technology has made it possible for you to warm your babies food conveniently and in times of an emergency!

The click and Go Bottle Warmer is the perfect Baby Bottle and Food Warmer that is portable, re-usable and heats instantly. No batteries or electricity needed! The Crybaby Baby Bottle Warmer heats up at the snap of a button! Your baby’s food will warm to the ideal temperature in just a few minutes! Non-Toxic and reusable Use it anywhere,anytime!

Perfect for: *In the Car *Camping *Loadshedding *Eating Out *Travelling

Simply boil in water to recharge and use again and again! This is a must have for any Parent on the Go and the perfect back up plan when the lights go out! Order yours Now @ Baby Market 0791030198


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