Wooden Baby Walkers Multi Function 7 in 1 *New*

Baby Walkers Multi Function 7 in 1 *New*


Helps babies learn to walk, activity cube helps the child to learn numbers, recognize animals, the building of time concept, learning patterns and colours, enhances brain activity, develops motor skills, and can be used as a storage box for extra toys or baby products. Improves the baby’s different perceptions of playing and imagination.

This baby walker has a beautiful and colourful appearance. It is high-quality wood.

Excellent Preschool Educational Toy: Each side of the wooden box/ baby walker has a different design function. The fun and lovely design is very helpful for the child’s preschool education and accompanies them to grow up.

Storage Function: baby walker is hollow in the middle, when you take off the top bead maze, you will find that it is also a large collection box. It can be used to store children’s toys, so that children can also develop storage habits.

First Steps Walker: the handle is smooth and comfortable to hold, the 4 wheels of the walker are very strong, which makes the baby’s pace more stable, which will assist them to learn to walk.

High-quality Wooden Toy: activity centres are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no odor, smooth wood surface without dents.

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