Kids Safety Angel Alarm

Kids Safety Angel Alarm

  • Safety is a anti alarm drown in combination with a anti-lost alarm protects against drown children and pets and thus are not lose it.
  • If the bracelet Presettable leaves a distance from 0 to 55 yards for the base unit will alarm and sound button.
  • When the bracelet is in the water submersion, the the alarm vanity unit vibrate. the detection and removal of 50 m.
  • Although it is not a replacement for active parental supervision of a effective safety water alarm can you the required additional protection for your little ones at the same time a Ertrinkenden accident or lose your child two important scenarios for a nightmare parent. safety Angel in the fact that this may dramatic situations and provide a high degree of peace of mind.
  • ‘The Parents of children is around times, you wish you had eye on the back of the animal in every situation, whether you are using it on pool or in the park, safety Angel “Welcome, to keep the for added security, ensure the child safe.


Kids Safety Angel Alarm


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