Snuza Duo Movement and Sound Monitor

Snuza Duo Movement and Sound Monitor



Snuza Duo Movement and Sound Monitor

  • Infants & Toddlers (0 – 1 years) the movement of your abdominal exercise monitoring to monitor + Audio. Soft Ultra High Sensitivity Sensor in the tip and your baby’s slightest movement detection.
  • Sound and Vibration Function to protect your baby’s sleep. Easy to carry, simple design and easy to use, with vibration function
  • Audio with the sound of your baby and talking or sunu-zahi-ro- hirou and flattened with a wide range.
  • * Battery Replacement Guide serial # starts with a “B” Item is a consumer electronics to contact us regarding wholesale shops and specialty stores and sold by CR2 Batteries (CR15270) on the left. It attaches the serial number of the other than the item has 3 V600 mAh (14250) Please remember to use batteries.


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